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ҹ첥 Cheerleaders support a teammate

Invest In ҹ첥

There are a lot of things that make ҹ첥 special: The personal attention from faculty and staff. The up-to-date labs. The energy that comes from being part of a community where all things seem possible.

You’re a key part of that community. And we rely on each of you—our students, parents, alumni and friends—for your support.

Whether you volunteer during a campus event, encourage a friend to consider applying to Curry or serve as a professional mentor to our students, you’re vital to the Curry experience. Of course, your financial support is no less important: Your gifts support scholarships, technology initiatives, student life activities, academics, athletics and more.

Learn more about how you can give back to Curry.

How to Support ҹ첥

ҹ첥 students analyze a crime scene in a forensic science class

Make a Gift

Your gifts support everything that adds up to Curry. The scholarships, our teams, the professional development, the classrooms—they’re all powered by your support. Explore these ways of giving to ensure tomorrow’s students enjoy the benefits of a Curry education.

Recent ҹ첥 graduates dressed for success and recruitment

Hire Our Students and Alumni

You know the commitment, ability and preparation that Curry graduates bring to the table. Put those skills to work for your organization by partnering with ҹ첥. Find students and alumni whose backgrounds and experiences line up with your needs.

A student poses for a picture with his mother at move-in day

Volunteer at Curry

“Hands-on” isn’t just for our students. We love when our alumni, parents and friends volunteer for campus events, support admissions initiatives, help with regional alumni events, get involved with career development and more.

A ҹ첥 alumnus mentors a ҹ첥 student

Mentor Our Students

When you’re just starting out, nothing’s more valuable than encouragement and advice from somebody who has experienced it before. Play that role for a Curry student through our Curry Connections Mentoring Program.

ҹ첥 alumni pose for a photo with their class year numbers

Alumni Relations

A Curry education is a promise of things to come. Be part of that promise when you get involved with the Curry community, whether you volunteer, serve as a mentor, donate or simply come back to campus for an event.

Get Active in the Curry Community

Whether you participate in the Curry community as a donor, volunteer or mentor, the important part is that you’re here. Learn how you can keep your Curry connections strong.