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SAIL students sharing popcorn at a movie night

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New in 2024!

The Social Achievement in Learning (SAIL) program is designed for academically capable students who live with social or emotional challenges that may otherwise prevent them from reaching their full potential in a traditional college environment. SAIL is appropriate for students who would benefit from social assistance, transitional support, self-advocacy skills, alternative housing, and who have a primary diagnosis of ASD, anxiety, depression, or self-report a demonstrated need for these support services.

The SAIL team includes a Speech Language Pathologist and a Wellness Coordinator, along with Community Directors with specialized training in ASD and students’ social, behavioral and organizational needs.

SAIL is for full-time, undergraduate students who have already been accepted to ҹ첥 and need assistance:

  • Understanding social cues
  • Understanding the point of view of others
  • Using and understanding nonverbal communication
  • Initiating communication
  • Understanding abstract language
  • Sensory processing
  • Planning, sequence, and completing academic work
  • Socializing with peers

SAIL is NOT meant for students who require behavior interventions and/or are unable to perform daily living skills independently.

(PLEASE NOTE: Interested students need to complete an interview along with submitting the SAIL application. SAIL students are also eligible to apply for the traditional PAL model.)

SAIL Program Services

Social Assistance:

  • First-year course offerings (non-credit bearing) focused on participation and engagement in co-curricular activities, goal setting, self-advocacy, social metacognition, developing peer relationships, and strategies directed toward problem solving
  • Non-credit bearing course offerings are one-on-one and small groups depending on the individual needs of the student
  • Identification of lower sensory dining options
  • Small group, co-curricular events for students with sensory differences and sensitivities
  • Monthly small group, low sensory social events

Transitional Support:

  • Adapted physical environments to reduce stress
  • Assistive technology training and support
  • Early academic advising
  • Peer mentoring
  • Early move-in to residence hall
  • Support to overcome challenges to meaningful participation in college life
  • Career development support
  • Assistance securing an internship

Alternative Housing:

  • Substance-free living pod in Bell Hall (Curry's newest residence hall) with a limited number of single room options available (additional fee for single rooms)
  • Low sensory environment in quiet residential space
  • Community Directors with specialized training in ASD and students’ social, behavioral and organizational needs
  • Support with developing structure of independent living activities, including laundry, cleaning, and hygiene

Wellness Support:

  • Programming and educational outreach to students on issues related to alcohol and other drugs, interpersonal relationships, and health & wellbeing
  • One-on-one consultation with students regarding health and wellness needs and/or challenges
  • Collaboration with other departments on priority focused issues that significantly impact student wellness and success
  • Assistance in coordinating access to mental health support for students in need through the College’s Counseling services

SAIL Application Process

To apply to the SAIL program, please follow the following steps:

  • Complete the
  • Submit any supporting documentation (optional)
  • You will be contacted to complete a 30 minute interview (in-person or virtually)

SAIL Program Cost

SAIL is a fee-based program. Program cost for the 2024-2025 academic year is $9,000 ($4,500 per semester).

A student in PAL works with a PAL professor

A Legacy of Student Support

For over 50 years, ҹ첥 has been internationally recognized for supporting the success of our neurodiverse student population through the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL). We are proud to offer the SAIL program as we continue our mission as an inclusive community of diverse learners and educators preparing students of all learning styles for meaningful and productive lives and careers.