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The ҹ첥 Office of Admission

Counselors in the Admission Office are available to answer any questions you may have throughout the college search and enrollment process. Please feel free to contact us if we may assist in any way.

Contact Information:

800-669-0686 (Toll Free)
617-333-2210 (Local)
617-333-2114 (Fax)

In case of inclement weather on the day of your visit, please check our emergency school closing line at (617) 333-2075.

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday - 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., year-round
Some Saturdays and select holidays during academic year

Meet the Admission Team

The ҹ첥 Admission Team works together throughout the entire admission process; recruiting, attending college fairs, visiting high schools, interviewing students, conducting information sessions, and making admission decisions. The Team has an eclectic mix of personalities and backgrounds, and would love for you to get to know them as much as they look forward to getting to know you.

Keith RobichaudKeith Robichaud

Vice President of Enrollment Management

Education: B.A. Rhode Island College, MBA Nichols College

Favorite Thing About Curry: The support you receive from colleagues and students alike. Curry is truly a caring community.

Advice to Future Curry Students: Step outside of your comfort zone. College is an opportunity to try new things and discover new passions, but you have to be the one to put yourself out there.

Michelle BrackenMichelle Bracken

Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management & Dean of Admission

Recruiting Territories: International Students

Education: B.A. Bridgewater State University, M.Ed. Suffolk University

Favorite Thing About Curry: Being in the Student Center Marketplace. It is the hub of this campus and has great energy.  Hearing the laughter and conversations among the students and watching them interact with one another always reminds me of the very reasons why I chose to work in higher education.

Advice to Future Curry Students: Be patient with yourself and don't give up! College will challenge you, it will be hard, and mistakes will be made, but use those setbacks as motivation to move you forward.

Joan FongeallazJoan Fongeallaz '10 - MBA

Senior Director of Enrollment Operations and Systems

Education: B.S. Bentley University, MBA ҹ첥

Favorite Thing About Curry: The size of the campus, the location and the students and people I have worked with through the years. I believe they are what make Curry such a caring community.

Advice to Future Curry Students: Start the process early when planning for your education and career goals. Stay motivated by becoming involved within the campus community!

Kyle Nolan

Kyle Nolan

Director of Enrollment Marketing

Education: B.A. University of Rhode Island

Favorite Thing About Curry: The on-campus events! With food trucks, the Involvement Fair, sporting events, Spring Weekend and more, our students are always gathering and participating in something.

Advice to Future Curry Students: It can be difficult to thrive without a good support system, so don’t be afraid to lean on classmates, professors, and staff at Curry. Our community will enrich your college experience inside and outside of the classroom, so when you have a question or need some help – just ask!

Caisie WynotCaisie Montesano

Associate Director of Admission - Transfer Coordinator

Recruiting Territories: Transfer Applicants, MA: Norfolk County

Education: B.A. Merrimack College

Favorite Thing About Curry: When new students arrive and returning students come back each semester! As staff members, we are here year-round, but students always bring new and exciting energy to campus. You see friends walking around, the dining hall is lively, and fans are cheering on athletic teams. The students are what make Curry so great.

Advice to Future Curry Students: As new students, remember that everyone else is experiencing Curry for the first time too. You are not alone. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, try something different or talk to someone you’ve never met - you never know what you might gain. You will find community members and lifelong friends ready to welcome and support you.

Greg BreenGreg Breen

Assistant Director of Admission - Athletic Liaison

Recruiting Territories:
MA: Essex & Middlesex Counties, AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NM, NV, OH, OK, OR, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, WA, WI, WV, WY, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands

Education: B.A. Colby-Sawyer College

Favorite Thing About Curry: The students! Seeing them support each other – along with their ambition and Curry pride – is inspiring.

Advice to Future Curry Students: Good things happen to good people and good things come to those who work hard, but great things happen to those who are both. Give your best effort in the classroom, but don’t forget to immerse yourself in the Curry community to have a great experience!

Anthony BruceAnthony Bruce

Assistant Director of Admission

Recruiting Territories:

Education: B.A. UMass-Dartmouth

Favorite Thing About Curry: Our location. With our proximity to Boston, you can enjoy restaurants, concerts, and sporting events, but we’re also across the street from the Blue Hills Reservation, which has hiking trails, biking trails, and a small ski mountain.

Advice to Future Curry Students: It’s okay if you aren’t sure of what you want to do in life yet. The Curry community will provide you with a supportive environment to help you figure out your strengths, passions, and goals.

Anna Widdison

Anna Widdison

Assistant Director of Admission

Recruiting Territories:
RI, MA: Barnstable, Plymouth, Dukes, Nantucket Counties

Education: B.A. Providence College

Favorite Thing About Curry: The people that work at Curry truly do care about student success. At Curry, you will truly feel like a member of our community because of the many people who care about your academic success and personal well-being.

Advice to Future Curry Students: You never know where a connection will lead you. Be proactive in your search for opportunities but remember to live in the moment – your college experience will go by in the blink of an eye!

Jackson Greeno '23

Jackson Greeno '23

Admission Counselor

Recruiting Territories:
ME, NH, VT, MA: Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden & Hampshire Counties

Education: B.A. ҹ첥

Favorite Thing About Curry: The Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL)! The faculty and staff in PAL have done so much for me and were a big reason for my success. They provided a community for me, supported me as a student, and gave me the tools I needed to be successful.

Advice to Future Curry Students: Be yourself, but step outside your comfort zone and get involved! Try new things, meet new people, and open your mind to new experiences.

Ardani Mello-Daigneault ‘23

Ardani Mello-Daigneault ‘23

Admission Counselor

Recruiting Territories:
MA: Bristol, Suffolk & Worcester Counties 

Education: B.A. ҹ첥

Favorite Thing About Curry: Going to sporting events! With all of our athletic facilities on-campus or very close by, it’s easy and fun to support our teams.

Advice to Future Curry Students: Get involved, and get involved early on. There are so many clubs, organizations, and other opportunities available to you, but you have to make the first move. You won’t regret it.

Amy Zackrison Amy Zackrison

Associate Director of Enrollment Operations and Systems

Education: B.A. UMass-Dartmouth

Favorite Thing About Curry: Our community!

Advice to Future Curry Students: Meet as many new people as you can – every other new student is the same boat as you. Make friends in your residence hall, join clubs, spend time in the Student Center and at other popular spots on campus. The connections you make will be the highlight of your college experience.

Laura MaguireLaura Maguire

Assistant Director of Admission Operations and Systems

Education: A.A. College of Marketing and Design, Dublin, Ireland

Favorite Thing About Curry: Our students, faculty, staff! They are involved, passionate, and a wonderful representation of everything that Curry strives to be.

Advice to Future Curry Students: Be kind – everyone is on their own journey. And smile more than you frown!

Julie Pfeifer

Julie Lynch

Assistant Director of Enrollment Operations and Systems

Education: B.S. UMass-Boston

Favorite Thing About Curry: Our welcoming community and beautiful campus. It’s truly a wonderful place to be every day.

Advice to Future Curry Students: Be yourself and get involved! You’ll connect with so many students who you’ll eventually consider friends.

Debra Kuppens Debra Kuppens

Enrollment Representative

Education: B.S. Emerson College

Favorite Thing About Curry: Meeting students at the beginning of their admission process, then seeing them on our campus as they grow into themselves and their careers.

Advice to Future Curry Students: College is a time for new beginnings. Get involved, trust your instincts, build relationships, and embrace the adventure!

Olivia Passafaro

Olivia Passafaro

Assistant Director of Admission Marketing

Education: B.A. & M.S. Lynn University

Favorite Thing About Curry: The Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL), which helps make Curry a one-of-a-kind community. Curry is welcoming of all learning styles and PAL encourages our students to achieve their goals as we help navigate them through their academic journeys.

Advice to Future Curry Students: Have the college experience that YOU want to have by joining a club, working on campus, participating in sports, or anything else that will satisfy your passions. And remember – use your campus resources, advocate for yourself, and don’t procrastinate on your assignments!