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What will your legacy be?

The 1879 Planned Giving Society, named in honor of the year we were founded by Anna Baright Curry and Samuel Silas Curry, invites you to join us by including ҹ첥 in your estate plans. Legacy gifts are a meaningful way to honor the indelible impact Curry had on your life. The 1879 Planned Giving Society recognizes our alumni, family and friends, who want to mark the college’s long-standing history and equally importantly, its bright future through their philanthropic legacy commitments.

Your planned gifts have an enormous impact on our students and offer potential financial and tax benefits to you and your family, such as reduced capital gains and estate taxes. There are many ways to include Curry in your estate plans. We are here to help determine whether a traditional bequest, IRA charitable rollover, life insurance beneficiary designation, real estate, or securities transfer may be the best option for you and your family.

When you join the 1879 Planned Giving Society, you ensure the continued mission of the College and allow us to celebrate your lifetime of support.

Meet 1879 Planned Giving Society Members:

Professor Jeffrey DiIuglio, M.Ed. ’88

Professor Jeffrey DiIuglio, M.Ed. ’88

“Giving back to places that helped make your career is very important...I hope the gift will be used to help the College make a bigger imprint in the Boston area. Curry is a jewel that everyone should know about. I know the gift will be invested well.”

Linda and Matthew Wiernusz

Linda and Matthew Wiernusz P'23

Because of the support ҹ첥 has provided to their daughter Sophia, the Wiernusz family has joined the 1879 Planned Giving Society, making Curry a beneficiary of their estate plans. The gift will be earmarked specifically for PAL so that students like Sophia can continue to benefit from the resources that have been so instrumental to her success.

 Claude and Laurie Pupkin P'14

Claude and Laurie Pupkin P‘14

"(Our son) Michael thrived at Curry and it’s an excellent institution for students with learning differences. We want to help ensure that Curry continues that success."

Ken B. Wagner '84

Ken B. Wagner '84 (Psychology)

“It’s imperative to provide an opportunity for others as Curry has done for me.” - Kenneth B. Wagner '84

Kathy May ’81 and Matt McDonnell ’80

Kathy May ’81 (Education) and Matt McDonnell ’80 (Sociology)

“Curry has made a true difference in our lives, and by being part of the 1879 Planned Giving Society, we can lead by example and help continue that impact for more students.” - Matt McDonnell '80

Carol Freedman ’66

Carol Freedman ’66 (Education)

“I owe Curry for my degree...I owe them for a great education, I owe them for a great teaching job…they did right by me and I should do right for the next generation.” – Retired Teacher, Carol Freedman '66, on why she established an Education scholarship in her name.

Karen Smith '74

Karen Smith '74 (Communication)

“Curry prepared me for everything that came next, and I want to give back. It’s important to step up in gratitude for what the school has done for us.” - Foundation Leader Karen Smith '74, on why she joined the 1879 Planned Giving Society, and included Curry in her estate plans.

Membership in the 1879 Planned Giving Society comes with many benefits: